Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. is committed to the complete security of information and transactions made by Subscriber/s. Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. hereby undertakes that:

  1. Subscriber/s can browse the site without telling us who Subscriber/s are or revealing any personal information about Subscriber/s to fully use and avail of the services provided by Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd.. Subscriber/s will need to register using Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd.’s online registration form, where Subscriber/s may be required to provide Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. with their contact and other personal information as indicated in the forms throughout the site.
  2. Once Subscriber/s registers, the access to the Services and information available on will be provided only through a valid login id and password assigned to the Subscriber/s at the time of registration with
  3. In accordance with strict standards of security and confidentiality, Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. shall ensure and safeguard all information that is provided by Subscriber/s to Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd.. Wherever certain information is requested and necessary to enable Subscriber/s to access and use or the Service, Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. gathers such information, including personal information, so that Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. can better develop its relationship with Subscriber/s. Subscriber/s may choose not to share any such information with Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd., but in such case, Subscriber/s may not be able to take advantage of the features on
  4. Information provided by Subscriber/s is an important part of Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd.’s business and Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. is aware of the confidentiality requirements of such information. Therefore, Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. assures Subscriber/s that Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. is not in the business of selling or sharing any such information whatsoever with third parties, except to the extent necessary to provide products or facilities as required under the Services. If Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. uses Subscriber/s personal information and or comments for any commercial purposes whatsoever in the future, Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. will notify Subscriber/s at that time and allow Subscriber/s to opt out of having Subscriber/s information used for such purposes.
  5. Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. has independent contracts with various Service Providers to provide the Services and such Service Providers are provided with Subscriber/s personal information (only to the extent necessary) for the performance of the Services on a ‘need to know basis’, and are bound by confidentiality obligations similar to those contained in this Privacy Policy. However, Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. shall not be liable for any breach of confidentiality obligations on the part of the Services Providers and Subscriber/s shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. against any claims in this regard.
  6. Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. shall permit only employees and personnel of Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. or its affiliates/group companies, its financial and legal consultants and the Service Providers access to the information provided by Subscriber/s strictly on a ‘need to know basis‘.
  7. Employees, Service Providers, and/or other external organizations, who violate Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd.’s confidentiality requirements under this Privacy Policy, shall be dealt with in accordance with the contracts governing their respective relationships with Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. and all applicable laws for the time being in force.
  8. Additionally Subscriber/s may encounter “COOKIES” or other similar devices or certain pages of the sites that are placed by third parties, we do not
    control the use of “COOKIES” by third parties.
  9. The confidentiality restrictions in this Privacy Policy shall not apply where any information is:
  10. a) required to be disclosed by, under or pursuant to any applicable law in force or pursuant to any order, decree, judgment, award, etc. of any court,
    tribunal or government authority;
  11. b) disclosed to Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd.’s legal or financial advisors or consultants;
  12. c) already present in the public domain;
  13. d) necessarily required to be disclosed in order to ensure that Subscriber/s avail of the Services under the applicable Terms Of Service; and
  14. e) necessarily required to be disclosed to protect the rights, property or for personal safety of Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd., its users or the public.
  15. Eco Evols Pvt. Ltd. may update or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. Such modifications may be reflected in the amendments posted on from time to time, which shall be binding on Subscriber/s.
  16. Subscriber/s acknowledges that he/she has read this Privacy Policy and agree to all its terms and conditions. Subscriber/s have also independently evaluated the desirability of availing the Services on and are not relying on any representation, guarantee or statements other than as set out in this Privacy Policy.
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